Several projects I made within my study at the
University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

De Locker - Bad Trip

Part of an ongoing series made for broadcasting company Human which is part of the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting.)

In these short documentaries we explore the hidden secrets of young adults that they would not share on social media. These subjects can be about sex, school pressure, addiction, stress and so on. In this documentary we asked Robin to tell us about her experiences in taking and experimenting with hard drugs. Here we explore the reasons for her use and the consequenses of her using.

The result is an open and honest look inside the mind of a teenager reflecting on her past behavior. With honest advice for the young adults of today.

For this project (I'm wrongly credited in the video) I did the research, script writing and color correction.


The American Dream

A surrealistical short film about the capitalistic system where white collar jobs create an unpleasant and unhappy work enviourment. Our main charachter suddenly becomes aware of his working enviourment and starts to listen to the sobs and pleas of his co workers. When the alarm goes off and the workers line up to be let go from the company, our main character tries to stop the madness that unfolds.

This shortfilm was made with the sandbox source engine game Gmod by Valve Corporation.

Map modeling: Jegor Kraminkin

Story and Edit: Laurens Lenssen



Graduation Film: Zero
Zero has trouble with the loss of his girlfriend Lilly, instead of confronting his emotions he flees towards his fantasy world where he believes a god named Kami has taken his beloved and that he can still save her.


Zero had a succesfull crowdfunding which you can visit:
Zero Crowdfunding


Cheap Thrills
Pedal to the Metal

A fake movie trailer about a gang of four women named Cheap Thrills in a post-apocalyptic world who steal some kind of desired object from a man named THE BOSS.  But when THE BOSS finds out everyone tries to kill Cheap Thrills. mayhem is all that remains in the end of this epic adventure.

This trailer was inspired by the Grindhouse horror films and the Mad Max films.

Role: Concept and directing.


God of the new world episode one

This anime-based episode follows a depressed boy named Lucid. Lucid, a boy who has had a troubled past, escapes to his fantasy world. However, the problems of his past seem to follow him in the form of a new nemesis named HEI. Can Lucid overcome his troubled past and defeat HEI?

Created in my second year of the Audio Visual Media study at the HKU, The Netherlands.

Role: Direction, editing and script.


Installation project

Loosly based on the poem La divina commedia from Dante Alighieri. An Installation which shows the seven sins as seen in the poem. The viewer can walk around the ''mountain'' of sins.
All objects and images in this installation reflect on our current society showing the worst of every sin. Starting from the bottom with the worst sin Pride and going up towards the least harmfull sin Lust.

All sins show the extreme of their describtions in our western society.

This installation stood one for one week at the top floor of the Hilversum trainstation in The Netherlands. This project was created as an assignment from the HKU Audio visual media experimental class second year.

Role: Concept, creation and editing



A short documentation on an installation made in my third year at the HKU Image media technology. Where we had a lesson in videomapping, this video is the result of our first videomapping attempts.



A short story about a garbage skater boy who wakes up from sleeping in the trash bin and falls in love with the girl who woke him up.

Created with green plastic sticks which we later keyed out to create the illusion of the thrash boy walking on his own.

Created in my second year of the Audio Visual Media study at the HKU, The Netherlands.

Role: Editing and camera



''Insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting things to change.'' 

A short project created in my first year at the HKU during a seminar. The story is about a boy who keeps repeating the same things over and over again whil mourning over the loss of his girlfriend. Expecting things to change he goes slowly mad. 



3D Experiment

An experiment made with Cinema 4D.
The final result was a demon like man on a chair and ended up being my Lucid Pictures logo.